Please Join Me for the Safety in Faith “Next Steps” Forum

Please Join Me for the Safety in Faith “Next Steps” Forum

The Safety In Faith Summit, the first of its kind, was originally held in August of 2015 and is hosted annually to help prepare places of worship in protecting congregants. The summit was born after Sheriff Shrader attended a law enforcement executive training (he was 1 of only 2 Sheriffs in the country to attend) and shortly after the training Charleston, SC experienced a tragic shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Previously our own communities of Arvada and Colorado Springs had experienced place of worship shootings as well. Sheriff Shrader knew action needed to be taken to better prepare places of worship for these emergency situations to protect our citizens.

On November 30th at the Safety in Faith “Next Steps” Forum each of our four panelists will present steps for forming a safety team, describe their safety protocols, and explain challenges they’ve overcome or continue to face in terms of preparedness and parishioner protection.

The intention of the forum is to meet your needs and address your concerns as much as possible; therefore, a significant amount of time will be reserved for questions. We hope an open discussion of safety issues specific to houses of worship will generate more ideas, create even better results, and fortify our collective efforts to prevent any form of tragedy from affecting our faith community in Jefferson County and beyond.

Questions about the forum or the Safety in Faith program may be directed to Jenny Fulton, Public Information Officer, at or (303) 271-5603.

The “Next Steps” Forum will be:
Thursday, November 30
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Jefferson County Courts & Administration
Hearing Room 1
100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden

To attend the “Next Steps” Forum kindly register, this event is free of charge.



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