Announcement: New Veterans Module in the JCSO Jail

Veterans Day gives us an opportunity to show appreciation for the sacrifices that military servicemen and women have made to ensure our freedoms. This Veterans Day, we’re proud to give something back: a housing unit at the jail specifically designed for veterans.

As you might imagine, county detentions facilities are primarily intended to hold detainees until trial and house inmates serving jail sentences. The JSCO is not required to offer therapy services, rehabilitation programs, re-entry assistance or any other type of gratuitous accommodation.  But just because we don’t have to doesn’t mean we shouldn’t if these services are within our capacity to provide. Therefore, this week, we started a new program to offer additional services to those who have served our county but now find themselves in our custody.

To support these former servicemen, we are now providing a housing unit that allows them to:

  • Resume a daily regimen
  • Share experiences through group therapy
  • Access appropriate treatment and resources
  • Receive re-entry assistance

For more details I invite you to watch the below video of the press conference and please share any questions you have as well. I hope you will agree with me when I say that veterans deserve our support 365 days a year, and I believe that helping veterans ultimately helps us all.


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